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Stainless steel furniture has many applications, indispensable for example in restaurants, hospitals and communities, this furniture is elegant and functional, very tough and durable.
Italsteel is one of the largest stainless steel furniture manufacturers in northern and central Italy. It can produce custom-made furniture and metal hotel supplies of the highest quality.

Stainless steel furniture has many advantages; indeed, the intrinsic characteristics of this material makes it suitable for use in contexts where hygiene and resistance to external agents and substances is important; indeed, this material is characterised by

  • excellent corrosion resistance;
  • resistance to humidity and heat;
  • easy cleaning with an excellent hygiene coefficient;
  • toughness that makes it non-deformable and resistant over time;

indeed, the appearance of these furnishings remains unchanged over the years even after frequent use.

Our Team

Our Team

Job Position

Furniture for dentists and medical studios

Steel furnishings as mentioned above are characteristically easy to clean, and thus ensure a high level of hygiene; this is why they are used in dental offices, surgeries, operating theatres. Italsteel provides hospital furniture and medical centres, with drawers for tools, completely sterilized metal shelves with high quality fittings such as: wood, glass, marble, granite, okite.

Production of lockers for changing rooms, supplies for restaurant and communities across Italy

Modern Solution provides furniture for restaurants, medical studios and factories throughout Italy and thanks to a network at national level, its metal furniture are prized throughout Italy by those who want high quality durable and reliable indoor and outdoor furniture for professionals who need stainless steel tailored or non-standard furniture, basic furnishings and minimal or refined solutions that combine the many properties of steel with the prestige of wood, marble, and innovative materials such as okite.
The company produces many solutions that can adapt to different contexts and to a diverse clientele:

  • steel cabinets;
  • stainless steel drawers;
  • shelves;
  • professional kitchens;
  • stainless steel tables and shelves;
  • hoppers;

all professional furnishings are customisable in size and in interior shelves, the drawers and shelves are adjustable in height, and closures may have sliding doors or hinged doors, with security locks.